What Sets Us Apart

Your Kids Are Our Kids

At Gordon Pediatric Dental, we build real relationships with each child we care for. We ask questions, attentively listen, and remember what the child shares: we learn about their families, friends, and activities and interests; we hear about their dreams and adventures; and we know where they’re going to college when they’re ready to spread their wings and leave our office.

Every child, and their family, becomes part of our family. Each is important to us, as an individual, and we love building caring, lasting friendships as we help children grow up with bright, happy smiles – and empower them to maintain their oral health, for life!

Our Practice

Our goal is to offer comfort and understanding to our patients and their families from the minute they make that first phone call.

Informed Children’s Dental Care

Our pediatric dentists – Dr. Marsha Gordon, Dr. Wanda Janik and Dr. Farah Ali – and our team pride ourselves in the time we spend with patients and families.

We believe a healthy body cannot be achieved without a healthy mouth. Thus, it is crucial we thoroughly explain and educate patients and their parents on the importance of good oral health. Often times, parents of young children just don’t know the things that need to be done to properly care for their children’s teeth, and we take all the time needed to provide those tools!

In addition to offering useful guidance and education, we dedicate time to thoroughly review diagnostic findings and treatment options. Parents need to understand what is happening in their child’s mouth, as well as what can be done to correct issues and prevent future problems from developing. Informed decision making ensures healthier smiles and bodies!

Truly Personalized Service

Being in the field of pediatric dentistry, we know the magnitude of fear and hesitancy that comes with finding great dental care for children: you want only the best for your little ones and we want the same!

Working with children and parents means working with individuals with complex and unique expectations and concerns. Our doctors and staff try our absolute best, every single day, to give families the confidence they need to trust us with their child’s oral health.

Being a fee-for-service practice, we put every effort into ensuring we are providing the highest quality clinical care and accommodating customer service. Whether a child comes in at two-years-old ready to jump in the dental chair or at ten-years-old hiding behind the door, we are ready and willing to spend the time needed to gain their trust.

From our administrative staff handling all financials, appointments, and paperwork to our clinical staff giving patients their all, Gordon Pediatric Dental is a completely patient- and family-centered practice!

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Located in Allentown, PA, our pediatric dental office welcomes children, teens, and special needs individuals of all ages. We serve families from Bethlehem, Macungie, and surrounding communities and look forward to serving your young family members, too. Please contact Gordon Pediatric Dental to learn more and schedule an appointment, today!

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