Meet Dr. Mara L Teplitsky

Being a pediatric dentist means creating a positive feeling for a child when they think about their teeth.

At Gordon Pediatric Dental, we all want the children to be excited to come to our office, and not fearful of the unknown. There are so many different methods and modalities that we now have to alleviate apprehension and all providers are truly committed to a quality experience.

We want the best for your child. No exceptions.

Personally, I love being able to help a child navigate through an event they have never experienced before, and make it enjoyable. Not to mention the added bonus of hugs and high-fives afterwards!

As a pediatric dentist, a happy child, who has had a positive visit and leaves with a big smile and saying they can’t wait to come back, is the best experience for me!

~ Dr. Mara Teplitsky


Dr. Teplitsky obtained her Bachelor’s degree at SUNY Binghamton and her Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) at SUNY Buffalo. She then completed a General Residency at Ohio State and her Pediatric Dental Residency and Certificate at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center.

Dr. Teplitsky has been in private practice since July 2017, is Board Certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, and a member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists.

Through regular continuing education courses, Dr. Teplitsky stays current with the latest advancements in methodologies, techniques, and technology. This constant learning keeps her abreast of trends in pediatric dentistry and ensures she is offering each child the best dental experience and results possible.

Beyond the Office

Originally from Upstate New York, Dr. Teplitsky has resided in suburban Philadelphia since the summer of 2017. She loves running, enjoying the sunshine, and eating ice cream, as well as being with family. A middle child, she has an older sister, a young brother, and numerous dog nieces and nephews.

Outside of helping children grow up with healthy smiles, Dr. Teplitsky’s other great passion is travel. She loves to see, explore, and experience different parts of the world, whether it be unique cuisines, ways of life, or scenic views. She has visited Australia, Israel, Iceland, Croatia, Canada, and Mexico – and is excited there are so many other wonderful destinations for future travels!

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